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focused on listening deeply and moving authentically, HEARTH is co-directed by artistic partners Bee Bolino and Vera Drummond-Moore. entangled within communication and obscuring/revealing, the company delves into the murky waters of duration. as sensation increases, bodies move through the experience of queerness, disability, and the full range of human emotion.


Every donation goes directly to our artists and performance costs. Your donations keep us going!

upcoming shows

6.10.24 and 6.11.24 mycorrhizal 


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Vera and Bee lounge amidst abundant green foliage. Vera's head rests in Bee's lap, and Bee sits cradling Vera's head. Bee wears a grey tank top and bra, and Vera is wearing a grey long sleeve and shorts. They are smeared with dirt and look into the distance.

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